martes, 21 de agosto de 2018

Update for Google Analytics ID UA-290101-22

New Google Analytics Extension
Dear Google Analytics user,
You are receiving this message because your account (Google Analytics ID: UA-290101-22) can now access the new Analytics Extension that identifies your site visitors for the past 12 months.
What's the New Extension?
Earlier this year, we introduced Web Leads for Google Analytics that showed users a list of the companies that had visited their website and included such detailed information as company addresses, employee contacts, emails, and phone numbers.
Starting August 20, 2018, this new extension will now allow you to view even more information about your website visitors in nearly real-time, including search keywords, contact emails and more.
For Google Ads users:
If you are using AdWords, you'll be given access to view even more detailed information and useful knowledge about your AdWords visits, including which keywords are used by your visitors before they click on your ad and an option to filter the ads that provide the best leads.
Next step:
1. Sign in with your Google Analytics account today to access the new extension.
2. Sign in with your Google Analytics account before September 15th to view your website's full 12-month visitor report.

All Web Leads data can be downloaded for free into Excel or Google Docs.

If you have further questions, please contact us at any time by email or via our live chat support.
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